Almost forgot I…

Almost forgot I had a blog. (>.<)

Just so you know, this post is rather meandering. But first, the obligatory baby shot:


The bebe boy goes a travelling

I salute those women who have a full-time job and baby, and still blog regularly. Do you ladies live in a zone where there are 32.5 hours in a day?

I want to write about so many things, trivial to serious. Lenten season reflections (on rest, sin, worship, fire and resurrection). A review of Machine Gun Preacher. Books (Re-read And the Angels Were Silent for Lent, just finished The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer today, about to start The Adoration of Jenna Fox). Zivi tales and the cliched but totally true joys of motherhood. Writing, and my creative output (or lack thereof) as of late. Pet peeves. Anticipation of Doctor Who’s 7th (I’ll miss them Ponds). Daydreams. Shampoo reviews. The quest for the perfect Breton top. The lack of Jaffa cakes in my life.

So. How was your long holiday?


Wislawa Szymborska (1923 – 2012)

She has been described as a modest and decent lady, the Mozart of poetry and such. I imagine her as someone I would love to spend an afternoon having tea with, listening to her stories of Krakow during the war.

I finally understand what she meant when she said, “The world is never ready/for the birth of a child.” And when I read:

May delivery be easy,
may our child grow and be well.
Let him be happy from time to time
and leap over abysses.
Let his heart have strength to endure
and his mind be awake and reach far.

But not so far
that it sees into the future.
Spare him
that one gift,
0 heavenly powers.

I can only nod my head.

Thank you, dear lady, for the words.

My personal best of 2011 (Part 2)

Now we move on to some of my favorite local products!

Bazaar Finds

I like shopping at bazaars more than in the malls, because I discover lots of fun and quirky products from local sellers. Here are my favourites:

Bug & Kelly

Their music inspired onesies and shirts are perfect (and so kyoooooooooooot!) for rock n roll parents. I got two onesies: Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child of Mine.

Chinadoll lip gloss

These are cheap and adorable, at P100 each. They taste rather artificial, but I don’t really mind. Makes nice giveaways, especially if you like kimmidolls and Harajuku Lovers.

Coquette Cologne

Better than putting on cheap baby cologne on regular days (when you don’t want to waste your expensive perfume), and just as light and refreshing. I got the Olive scent. Other scents include Green Tea, Eucalyptus and Lavender. I don’t know if they have a site, but you can find these in Invitation House, Basement Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Dinosaur Burp Cloths

There were just so many cute baby things in the bazaars I went to; unfortunately, most are for girls. Still, I found some cute boy items too, like dinosaur design burp cloths. I wasn’t able to catch the stall’s name though.

Fab Manila

I’m officially a fan of this brand! They’ve got some very pretty bags and accessories (wallets, travel purses, pencil cases, etc) at great prices. I got the Darla Media Pouch (can hold various devices and things, like your phone, ipod and business cards) and Cam Sleeve (made for cameras, but you can put other things in it – I use it for my keys). I particularly liked the Cam Sleeve as the design is quite Cath Kidston-ish. Both products/designs are sold out, as are a lot of their other stuff. I’m waiting for their new collections to come out soon.

Feralina & Feraline

Free size skirts in a variety of gorgeous colours and material. I bought two skirts – one pictured above (sky blue with white triangles). Again, great for post-pregnancy me as the skirts are flattering (hides leftover pregnancy weight) and comfortable (stitches in sensitive places, argh). I’ll be buying more once I get back to work. Prices range from about P800 – P1500.

Tiny Tots

It was perfect timing when I discovered their stall in the Ayala Alabang Carnivale Bazaar. New shopping money + new Momma Michie = lots of purchases. I bought some cute onesies, a baby carrier and some nursing tops and milky undershirts (that’s the shirt with conveniently placed holes, hehe). The tops and undershirts are great, as they’re reasonably priced (about P350 – P399. Most of the nursing tops I’ve seen online are about P600 above).


Although the proverbial blank page strikes fear in me, I collect notebooks like mad. If you love them as much as I do, check out these places:

National Bookstore

I think with the entire Moleskine explosion, notebooks/journals have experienced a revolution. Our friendly neighbourhood bookstore has lot with cute and artsy designs – at waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. The small ones are only P99 and the regular sized ones are about P399. Just go to your nearest NBS.


The handmade leather journals are lovely, as are the Coptic-bound journals – all at half the cost of similar journals from the US. The pieces are made from scratch and use local materials such as batik, tinalak and yakan textiles.

Free Verse

They’ve got mini-journals, notepads, hardbound journals and softbound journals with designs I naturally gravitate towards: art noveau-ish, Old World, spots, paisley prints, Oriental. If my friends and I made notebooks, it would pretty much look like the ones at Free Verse. Their flagship store is at Archaeology, 2F Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.

And the bestest part is that most of the stuff above can be found online! Just click the names above with links. I heart you technology, even if you part me from my monies.


Onesies and tops from Tiny Tots, Darla Media Pouch and Cam Sleeve from Fab Manila, Skirt from Feralina & Feralie

Dinosaur Burp Cloths, Onesies from Bug & Kelly, Coquette Olive Cologne, China Doll lip gloss

My personal best of 2011 (Part 1)

This post is about 2 weeks late but I have been taking care of a little human bean. First thing’s first though: Happy birthday to the Huband!

Galvatron is suspicious of the new addition to the team.

He is the awesomest huband even when he’s half-asleep. Also, it is the bean’s 7th week of existence.

Bebe’s log, stardate 01192012: “It has been more than a month on this planet. The inhabitants seem quite friendly, despite their constant chattering and squeeing. I have conquered Big Milk Thing and it yields much sustenance and entertainment in the wee hours of the morning.” 


While a number of things happened last year, the frowny new person above is, of course, my highlight. This year I look forward to his first birthday. It’s also the year I turn 30, and I sense that God is gently pushing me out of my comfort zone with all the major and minor changes that 2012 will bring.

But that’s for another post. On to lighter things with my “best of” rundown!



Every year my goal is to read one book a week (roughly 52 books), and last year I was sort of able to meet that goal. I read 55 books, but 7 of those were DNF’d. Anyway, here’s my top three of 2011 in alphabetical order (Note: I had to add one book that was published in 2008 which I only read last year because it was that good).


House of Silk, 2011

Huge Sherlock Holmes fan here. I grew up reading his tales of deduction and mystery. Whiles Holmes seems to be a tad bit more er, concerned than I remember, it’s the way he writes in Watson’s voice that I enjoyed most. As far as ‘fanfic’ goes, Anthony Horowitz’s take gets two thumbs up from me.


Isle of Blood, 2011

The third book of the Monstrumologist series grabbed my heart and ripped it out through my throat. MY THROAT. It’s still sore. While the first book introduced us to Will Henry and Pellinore Warthrop and the second focused on the esteemed monstrumologist himself, the third book reveals more of Will Henry, his complex relationship with the man he’s bound to, and the consequences of staring into the abyss.


The Knife of Never Letting Go, 2008

I FRIGGIN CRIED at this. Patrick Ness, why you pull at my heartstrings and blow my mind at the same time?! This is the first book of the Chaos Walking Trilogy and the way it ends will make you want to rush out your front door to get the second book ASAP.

Okay, so the plot is that there’s this little colony called Prentisstown in some planet they call the New World (ours being the Old World, I assume – it’s not indicated) but the New World is messed up. There’s some sort of germ that killed all the women, and made the men telepathic. Everyone can hear each other’s thoughts (the call it Noise), making Prentisstown a place with no secrets and an overwhelming sense of depression and violence. Yes, it is as bleak as it sounds.

Todd is the only boy left in the village, and right before he turns 13, he finds a moving spot of ‘silence’ in a town of never-ending Noise. What’s the silence? And why did his foster dads force him to run away with his dead mother’s diary right before his coming of age ceremony? What exactly is going on? Read this book to find out. Oh, and it features the most adorable canine character I’ve met since Doug in Up.


Night Circus, 2011

An utterly magical book – in every sense of ‘magical’. I can’t tell you guys how much I ADORE this. A part of me wishes I wrote it myself, while another part wishes I lived in it. It took me four days to finish it even if I could have done so in four hours simply because I didn’t want it to end. Also, this book inspired me to write more so I resurrected my flash fic Multiply blog (the link to which I will include soon once I have about a week’s worth of entries there).

So yes, Night Circus! The plot is simple enough – it revolves around magicians Celia and Marco, and their respective mentors who use the two in an ancient and recurring demonstration/duel. However, the people involved in and around the story are all secondary, with the Circus being the main character of this book, described in great and loving detail using languid prose. Seriously, I was enchanted by this book. Illusionists, midnight dinners, true love, and a travelling circus! I want the Circus to be real!


Now go out and get copies of the above, people! You won’t regret it, promise.

Hello 2012: Year(s) of Fulfillment!

Hallo again! I’ve been gone for so loooooong. I’ve finally accepted that consistent blogging is not my thing, haha.

Oh, before anything else, I want to introduce you all to my son:


He’s a bit of a miracle this one, since (I think I mentioned it before on this blog) I had PCOS and endometriosis while trying to get pregnant. We thank God for our firstborn, one of my ‘impossible requests’.

You see, the theme for last year in our church was 2011: The year of impossible requests. This year, and in the years to come, we are anticipating the fulfillment of those requests (hence the title of this post). There are a number of things I’m hoping will be fulfilled in the year/s to come and with 2012 being the year of great change (not so much “the end of the world” as the end of the world as we know it).

So, let’s see how it goes. As for the changes to this blog – weeeell, I was thinking of doing a complete overhaul or starting a new one but I’m just gonna take it easy. Maybe concentrate on blogging about a few things (most likely faith, parenthood, books), and spend most of my time in RL, taking care of bebe, working on a few projects and working. Try to squeeze in a post every fortnight or so.

Whoever and wherever you are, thanks for dropping by. May your new year bring change for the good!

I teach my child by Gemino Abad


I teach my child
To survive.
I begin with our words,
The simple words first
And last.
They are hardest to learn.
Words like home,
Or friend, or to forgive.
These words are relations.
They are difficult to bear;
Their fruits are unseen.
Or words that promise
Or dream.
Words like honor, or certainty,
Or cheer.
Rarest of sound,
Their roots run deep;
These are words that aspire,
They cast no shade.
These are not words
To speak.
These are the words
Of which we consist,
Without other ground.


My child
Is without syllables
To utter him,
Captive yet to his origin
In silence.
By every word
To rule his space,
He is released;
He is shaped by his speech.
Every act, too,
Is first without words.
There’s no rehearsal
To adjust your deed
From direction from its words.
The words are given
But there’s no script.
Their play is hidden,
We are their stage.
These are the words
That offer to our care
Both sky and earth,
The same words
That may elude our acts.
If we speak them
But cannot meet their sound,
They strand us still
In our void,
Blank like the child
With the uphill silence
Of his words’ climb.

And so,
I teach my child
To survive.
I begin with our words,
The simple words first
That last.

(Sir Jimmy recited this poem in one of the sessions at the Manila International Literary Festival today. It’s the second time I’ve heard him recite it but this time, it meant much more to me.)

Truth Thursday Prompt #11

As of yesterday, I am “officially” on meternity leave. What’s with the quotation marks? I dunno. It’s just that I still have one trainee left and a second wave of evaluations to do even while on leave. But it’s all good, because I am working from home and free to fall asleep in front of my laptop in ze afternoons. 😀

So yeah, Truth Thursday again! I know I missed three weeks, but I’ll finish what I started. This week’s prompt is…


The bravest moments of  my life

This is what I plan to do in the first few weeks of maternity leave (leading up to my due date)

Organize our room to make space for bebe
Shop for much needed baby items (bassinet, diapers, etc)
Read up on baby care
Watch Hindi movies
Devour the manga scanlations I’ve downloaded (Chicago, Faster Than a Kiss, Liar Game, Monster, Pluto, Spriggan, 3×3 Eyes and random one shots)
Make a dent in my backlog
Blog every day until I go into labour

What I will probably end up doing:


For my seedy saints

On All Saints’ Day, it is not just the saints of the church that we should remember in our prayers, but all the foolish ones and wise ones, the shy ones and the overbearing ones, the broken ones and the whole ones, the despots and tosspots and crackpots of our lives who, one way or another, have been our particular fathers and mothers and saints, and whom we loved without knowing we loved them and by whom we were helped to whatever little we may have, or ever hope to have, of some kind of seedy sainthood of our own.

– Frederick Buechner

Truth Thursday Prompt #10

ARGH! I completely forgot about this, and there’s only 2 minutes of Thursday left!

Well, for all it’s worth, this week’s prompt is…

I want to show the world…

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